Brate Launches “Claim Business” Model to Help You Add Your Products Online

While everyone wished you a happy 2018, here at Brate, we want to make sure that this year would be a great one to your business.

That’s why we’re very excited to announce the launch of our new “Claim Business” feature that allows business owners to unlock their free account, have full control over their business information and more importantly, have the ability to add their products driving more traffic to their store.

Brate Narrows in on Products and Stores, Introduces Product Ads

At Brate, we’re constantly searching for smarter ways of helping local businesses attract customers looking for products they sell. To ensure we do that more effectively, we have decided to focus on the right set of markets and stores, and are introducing “Brate Product Ads” our most anticipated product that helps businesses expand their reach to other online platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads.

Brate Launches Direct Messaging, New Notification Center, Adds Catalogues

Our key objective at Brate is to help local retailers attract customers searching online for products and services near them. To ensure that the communication between business owners and customers become even more seamless on Brate, we’re introducing new features that help those businesses keep track of their customers’ interactions and more importantly help them communicate with them the way each customer prefers.

Brate Launches Business Analytics Platform

While we continue improving and make it ever more useful to our users, especially after the launch of the new design and your continuous feedback, we are very excited to announce the launch of “Brate for Business”, Brate’s Analytics platform for business owners.