Brate Launches Direct Messaging, New Notification Center, Adds Catalogues

Our key objective at Brate is to help local retailers attract customers searching online for products and services near them. To ensure that the communication between business owners and customers become even more seamless on Brate, we’re introducing new features that help those businesses keep track of their customers’ interactions and more importantly help them communicate with them the way each customer prefers.

Introducing Direct Messaging

While some retailers are not always available to answer their phones, and since some users prefer to communicate through messaging, we’re excited to announce that customers can now contact businesses directly through Brate to get more details about products and services, or to ask any questions about a business, by simply clicking on  the “Contact Business” button from a business or product page.

Here’s how the “Contact Business” button appears on Jammal Trust Bank‘s branch page: 

Brate Business Page – With “Contact business” button

Here’s how the “Contact Business” button appears on a LibanPost‘ s service page:  

Brate Product Page
Brate Product Page – With “Contact business” button

And here’s what happens when a customer hits the “Contact Business” button:

Brate Message to Business Owners

Once customers contact a business, business owners can then reply and start a [private] conversation on Brate. The new feature is available to all premium businesses.

The Notification Center

Brate for Business just got a lot more useful with the new notification center that allows business owners to directly get notified whenever users interact with their products, services or businesses including liking a product, writing reviews of a product or a business, rating their business or even contacting them through direct messaging.

Brate for Business – With Notification Center

Business owners will also receive an email on these interactions. 

Business Catalogues

We’ve also added Brate Catalogues, our version of interactive and shareable online catalogues that comes in different formats:

Here’s an example of Khoury Home‘s catalogues of products:

Brate Business Page – With Catalogue

Here’s a brochures of Dermapro‘s services:

Brate Business Page – With Brochure

And here’s the menu items of Mayrig restaurant :

Brate Business Page – With Menu

Brate catalogues also help you specifically search the products and services of a business. Here’s an example of Drive Dubai’s Brochure

Brate Catalogue – Search Feature

The new feature is available to all premium businesses. 

We’re building a great platform that bridges the gap between the online and the offline world and we want to make it awesome. If we’re missing out on anything, we would love to hear your feedback at

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