Brate Launches Business Analytics Platform

While we continue improving and make it ever more useful to our users, especially after the launch of the new design and your continuous feedback, we are very excited to announce the launch of “Brate for Business”, Brate’s Analytics platform for business owners.

Business Dashboard

With Brate for Business, available only to premium subscribers, Business owners can get insights on their monthly performance, learn more about their visibility and customer leads, and track how users engage with their products, services and business.

While the dashboard provides combined analytics of both branches and products:

  1. Business owners have access to their overall business and separate branches analytics including impressions, views, CTA clicks, phone clicks, direction clicks, website clicks and map interactions
  2. Business owners also have access to more detailed analytics of their overall products and of each product separately including impressions, views, CTA clicks and map interactions.

With the launch of Brate for Business, Brate’s focus is to provide more insights and benefits to our premium businesses to help them better understand their customers.

If you like the new Business platform or think there are better ways to improve it, we would love to hear your feedback. Get in touch with us at

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