Brate Launches New Call-To-Action Feature for Premium Subscribers

In the last six months alone, we’ve connected physical stores on Brate with over 500,000 buyers. To make the process smoother, we’re announcing today the launch of our new call-to-action feature helping businesses achieve more sales.

The call-to-action feature will be available on Brate business pages:

…and on business portlets in search results:
…and will also be available on Brate item pages:
…and on item portlets in search results:
Premium Businesses can now directly take consumers from browsing to buying with any call-to-action including the following:
  • Buy now
  • Book now
  • Reserve now
  • Apply now
  • Sign Up
  • Open demo account
  • Use App
  • Watch Video…
The call-to-action feature is now live across all 12 markets on both Brate’s web and mobile web app, and will be rolled out to our Android and all-new iOS app in the coming weeks.