Brate Launches 20 New Cities across the MENA

At Brate, we’re obsessed with discovering the coolest places everyone is talking about. That’s exactly why we use Big Data analytics: When 100 Million online users in 10 markets across the MENA are talking about happening places, regardless of the language, we know what these places are and so do you!
So we did the math: Since every city in the region has hidden jewels, we figured that the best way to discover them is simply by expanding to more cities and adding plenty of more places. And so we did, with 20 new cities launched and over 50,000 new places listed in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Jordan.
Of course, it didn’t stop here. We’ve also upgraded our infrastructure to better your experience on Brate and have updated our landing page by adding new filters that helps you directly discover trending beaches (for you tanning people), sports activities (for you active people) and attractions (for all of you discoverers) in all 10 markets including Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and Erbil.
Enjoy using Brate everywhere you go in the Middle East and North Africa and keep discovering trending places. That’s simply our aim!