Brate Launches All New Android App

After the upgrade of the Web app and the release of the mobile Web app, we’re excited to launch the all-new Android mobile app ensuring more consistency across Brate’s various platforms.

Here’s more details on the all-new Android app:

  • The new app reveals what Things and Places are trending online using Big Data analytics from 100 Million online users
  • The app covers over 300,000 places in 10 markets across the MENA including Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and Erbil*
  • The app is available in English, Arabic and French*
  • The app also gives you the option to shift between Things and Places across all pages with a single slide of a finger.

To change markets or languages, simply click on the menu button in the landing page

Here’s some screen shots of the all-new Android app:

The landing page reveals what Things & Places are trending online:
Clicking on an item shows more details about it and shows other trending items from that business:
Clicking on the “Find places where available” button lists the nearest branches where this item is available. Clicking on a branch shows more details about that branch including its detailed ratings, tips, address and other trending items from the business:
Clicking on the “View Everything” button shows more items from the business:
Love the new Android app? Stay tuned for the all-new iOS app coming July 2015