Brate Joins the 100K Club

In March 2014, we celebrated 25,000 visits/month.
In December 2014, we celebrated 50,000 visits/month.
In May 2015, we celebrated a new record of 100,000 visits/month.

And why not? We’ve discovered lately a correlation between celebration and traffic increase. And the more traffic we have, the more leads we create, the happier our clients are! At the end of the day, Brate is all about creating leads and in the past 6 months alone, Brate created over 1 Million Leads!
So where did this growth come from? Well, from all over. Here’s our growth versus the previous month from our biggest market to our smaller one:
  • Lebanon at +22%
  • The Emirates at +40%
  • Jordan at +211%
  • Kuwait at +66%
  • Saudi Arabia at +28%
  • Egypt at +13%
  • Qatar at +165%
  • Iraq (Erbil) at +40%
  • Bahrain at +25%, and
  • Oman at +29%
So why all this growth? Simply because we’re awesome and because Brate is the ONLY platform in the MENA that shows what’s really trending online using Big Data analytics from 100 Million online users.