Brate Now Shows What Things & Places 100 Million People Are Talking About

What are people across the MENA region talking about? Brate 6.5 now exclusively shows what Things and Places are trending in 10 markets using big data analytics. Here’s more details on this awesome new release:
We’re happy to announce the launch of Brate’s all-new trending engine that shows what 100 million people are talking about online. With that, Brate now exclusively helps everyone discover what Things & Places are trending in each market.

Moreover, the new trending engine not only shows what’s trending by market, but drills down into regions, cities and even types of businesses enabling you to easily know for example which Jacket is trending in Lebanon, what food is trending in Mount Lebanon and which Banks are trending in the South: We have them all and we have them for all markets that Brate covers.


And lighter. Brate’s latest release makes content the focus of the site. So with less clutter and more content, we’re betting big on improving you experience on Brate.

But of course, it doesn’t stop there: We have also revamped our infrastructure improving the overall performance of Brate by a staggering 40% helping you focus more on the content instead of the loading.

Brate’s all-new Android app is on its way and is cooler than ever: With over 300,000 places from 10 markets, and searchable in 3 languages, discover what things and places are trending anywhere anytime.