Brate Releases V6.3 with All-New Search and Suggestion Engines and Expands to East of Saudi

At Brate, we love to innovate.
And thanks to our continuous R&D, we have released a new version that makes discovering amazing things and places ever easier. But why stop there? While we continuously improve your experience on Brate, we also want to make sure that you use Brate everywhere you go. That’s why we’ve expanded to new territories across the region and are now covering all popular categories of businesses.

Here’s more details on our latest updates:


With V6.3, Brate is the first in the MENA region to introduce an all-new Search Engine that gives you the option between finding things [when available] and finding places. So if you’re looking for a product, service or item, you can either check your various options or directly know the places that offer them.
We’ve also launched the new Suggestion Engine (left picture) that also guides you through your search helping you find quickly what you’re looking for: So if you’re searching for “food”, Brate will now directly give you the option between searching for Things and Places, and will also suggest categories at the end of each section related to your search.
Here’s an example of how searching for “food” works when choosing Places:
And here’s the same example when choosing Things:

The new Search Results replicate the front-page template, show more details of each item and include detailed ratings of each business.

We have improved the site’s performance by 20% increasing the overall ranking of each page and have also released a new version of our iOS and Android apps that now support Saudi Arabia.


After debuting in Jeddah and Riyadh and covering their main business categories, Brate now covers almost all popular categories in both cities and has now expanded to East of Saudi covering Dammam, Khobar and Dhahran.

With that, we’ve ended 2014 covering over 150,000 places in 11 territories including: