Brate’s Year In Review: 2014

2014 has been a crazy and remarkable year for Brate

Let’s take a quick look back at the major highlights of 2014 and at Brate’s performance:


  • January 2014: We released Brate 5.4 with a smarter search engine and the new advertisement platform. We also launched our new iOS and Android Apps.
  • March 2014: We released Brate 5.5 with a fresher look and soft-launched our Premium service for business owners enabling them to add everything they sell (all their products and services) helping them attract customers looking for them on Brate and online.
  • May 2014: We released Brate 5.6 with the new “Items” and “Tenants” tabs and expanded to the United Arab Emirates, our first expansion outside Lebanon. We also launched our updated iOS and Android Apps.
  • August 2014: We released Brate 6.0 with the new front-page showing what things and places are trending on Brate and continued our expansion across the Middle East covering Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and Erbil (Iraq).
  • September 2014: We released Brate 6.1 with new “business” and “user” profile pages and expanded to Saudi Arabia with Jeddah’s launch.
  • October 2014: We released Brate 6.2 with the new “item” page and expanded our coverage in Saudi to Riyadh.
  • December 2014: We released Brate 6.3 with the all-new “search results” page and expanded to East of Saudi covering Dammam, Khobar and Dhahran.
Brate 6.0 was a turning point for Brate with more focus on our value proposition of helping users discover amazing products, services and places; on user experience and our geographical reach.
In 2014, Brate released 7 major versions, expanded to 7 new markets across the Middle East and achieved major growth in user base.


Brate ended 2014 with 318,000 unique users, an increase of +337% versus 2013 (up from 73,000 unique users). Those users visited Brate over 450,000 times during the past year.
Here’s a look at Brate’s 2014 quarterly growth in visits, unique users and page views:
Thank you for making 2014 an amazing year for us. Here’s to you!
All the best,
The Brate Team