Brate Releases 6.0 with Trending Feature and Expands to 6 Countries

Brate is the best way to discover amazing #products #services & #places.
And with this latest release, discovering things and places was made ever simpler. So what’s new with Brate 6, here are the latest highlights:

  • An all-new landing page now helps you discover trending products and services, and shows you the best places by section (based on your very own brating). So whether you’re interested in food or fashion, Brate now caters to your taste with a single click
  • The new Compact Menu (top left) helps you navigate through the web site and search by category or location
  • The new Top Bar lets you easily alternate between countries
  • With 60,000 places in Lebanon, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman, Brate is now one of the largest players in the Middle East, helping you discover products, services and places in 6 countries.

Stay tuned for the upcoming mobile apps with multi-country support!

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