Brate Releases 5.5 with a Fresher Look and Launches Premium Listing for Business Owners

The new version of Brate is now online!

We’re always looking for new ways of improving your experience on Brate’s various platforms and this new version of Brate’s Web platform does the job perfectly. So what’s new with Brate 5.5? Here are some of the new changes:

We’ve introduced our fresh new logo
The colors of the Website are now more subtle and ever easier on the eyes. As for the rest of the Website, we’ve made sure to flatten all buttons and have eliminated all borders.
We’ve also worked on the color coding of both bratings and rankings: Any brating above 4.0/5 is now colored in green and any brating below that is now colored in orange; similarly, top 10 ranked businesses in any category have a green ranking and the rest have an orange ranking.
Looking to attract customers looking for your products, items and services? Introducing Premium Listing: Business Owners can now upgrade their free listing and a. put their specific items (searchable) and b. show on top of relevant search results.
With over 250,000 expected Users in 2014, the Premium Listing will help Business Owners attract new customers based on the products, services, items and brands they offer.
For more details about advertising on Brate, schedule an appointment by inboxing us your details to info[at] or call us on +961-3-837353.
Check out the new version of Brate now and stay tuned for upcoming releases!

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