Brate Breaks All Records In February 2014 And Advances 50K In Global Ranking

We’re happy to announce that Brate’s traffic continued to grow by double digits in February 2014, breaking all previous records including major growth by over 40% in Interactions.

Here’s a look at Brate’s performance since the beginning of 2014:
Over 30,000 Unique User searched Brate in the last two months.
Following the growth in Unique Users, Visits exceeded 40,000.
Over 1 Million pages were viewed since January 2014.
Interactions crossed the 1.4 Million in February 2014 alone.

Up in Traffic Rank

According to Alexa, Brate continued to grow in global traffic ranking by more than 50,000 versus last month to become among the 400,000 most popular Web sites globally and 260 Web site locally.

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