Brate Now Among The 500K Most Popular Web Sites Globally With Over 500% Growth in Audience in 2013

We’re happy to announce that Brate’s traffic continued to grow in December 2013, with the latest release of Web 5.3 and the all-new Android mobile app, breaking all previous records. Brate exceeded the 700,000 Interactions in December 2013 up from 650,000 the previous month with more than 13,000 Unique Users and over 15,000 visits.
Looking at 2013, more than 70,000 unique cumulative users used Brate and searched over 350,000 times. For more details on Brate’s stats for the past year, check out the charts below:


*”Unique Users” and “Visits” charts are now showing Traffic from Users only as per Google Analytics.


** “Pages Viewed” and “Interactions”charts are taken from Server

Up in Traffic Rank

According to Alexa, Brate increased in global traffic rank by more than 70,000 versus last month to become among the 500,000 most popular Web sites globally.


A big thank you from the Brate Team for a great year.
We hope 2014 brings you joy, luck and prosperity.