Brate Releases Web 5.3 with 20,000 Businesses Ahead of All-New Mobile App Release

The new version of is now online!

We’ve replaced many of the older features with really cool ones in this release, aligning it to the incoming all-new mobile app. So what’s new with Brate Web 5.3? Here are some of the changes:
  • Brate without justifying: No need to tell us anymore why you didn’t like any of the brating criteria of a place now that we removed this condition. Just brate it!
  • Goodbye reviews, hello tips: Reviews were so yesterday. Now you can leave tips and help others make better choices thanks to your suggestions and recommendations.
  • Introducing #Hashtags: Forget long and boring sentences when leaving your tips and use #hashtags instead.
  • Found useful tips? Like them: Now you can like tips that are useful just by clicking on the new heart icon next to tips. By liking a tip, you get +2 Reputation, while the user that left that tip gets +5 Reputation. So make sure to leave enough useful tips after your visits to build your online reputation.
  • Space is now optimised: The header now scrolls with the whole page giving you more space to view the content.

Check out the new version of now and stay tuned for the release of the All-New Mobile App!