Brate Releases Web 5.2 with 13,000 Businesses Ahead of New Mobile App Release

The new version of Brate is finally online!
Brate Web 5.2 has great new features to discover and a new design face-lift. So what’s new in this version? Here are some of the big ticket items:
  • All background colours were toned down and all picture frames were removed making the whole experience on Brate easier for your eyes
  • A new friendly dashboard was introduced highlighting Best of Lebanon’s various categories on Brate
  • Bratings and Ranking icons were replaced with fresher ones showing you the same insights  now much clearer
  • Brate Web 5.2 returns faster search results and is now more responsive to your search queries
  • Larger pictures were introduced helping you identify categories of businesses much faster, and
  • Now you can brate without any limit

Check out the new version of here.