Brate Releases 5.1 with new Map, Direction, Ranking and Reputation Add-ons

The new version of is finally online!
Brate 5.1 answers all your questions with all the new add-ons:
Where Can I Find It and How Do I Get There?

Brate 5.1 is now fully integrated with Google Maps. Click on the new “Map” tab under each business listing to check the location of that business.

To make sure you don’t lose your way, we’ve also added directions on how to get there: Just select your location at the bottom of the tab and click on “Get Directions”.

What’s The Best and What’s Happening?

The best businesses are always first in ranking. That’s why we’ve introduced the new Rank feature helping you visually identify the best places in their categories just by looking at the new triangle to the right of each business listing (Dark Green being top 5, Light green top 10, and the rest in yellow).

To make sure you get top ranked businesses faster, we’ve added a new sorting by “Highest Ranked” at the right of the filter section .

Soon you will start seeing upward and downward arrows next to the name of businesses showing you how these businesses are doing in terms of brating score.

What’s My Reputation?
Reputation is a measurement for the amount of trust a community has in you. As a registered user on Brate, your reputation reflects the quality of interactions between you, businesses, and other users. The higher the reputation you have, the more credible and influential you become:
       <1,000 Reputation: Assessor
       >1,000 Reputation: Established User
     >10,000 Reputation: Trusted User
     >20,000 Reputation: Opinion Leader
There are several factors that make you gain or lose reputation. The primary reason for reputation change is brating and reviewing businesses. Reviews that are upvoted or downvoted will have a larger impact on your reputation. The more your reviews are useful, the more likelihood you will gain reputation.

You can now view your reputation points from your profile summary and see your reputation change from your dashboard.

Keeping up with the Changes

To help you keep track of your recent activities, we’ve added two new pages highlighting all your reputation changes, and Votes by you and by others.

Check out the new version of here.