Brate releases "5" the All New Web platform

The new version of the Web application is finally online!
Brate “5” promises a whole new user experience with all the newly introduced features and the new design face-lift.So what’s new in this version? Here are the big ticket items:

New Features

  • The Brating Formula was upgraded: The average Business brating is now calculated based on Brate Users’ last brating and the number of unique Braters of this business and other businesses in the same category; i.e. Brating a business will now impact all other businesses in the same category
  • The Average Business Brating Stars were replaced with Businesses’ actual score figure
  • is now LIVE: Brating a business directly shows the impact on that business’s average brating

The Homepage

  1. The News Feed in the homepage now updates you on latest businesses getting brated and reviewed
  2. The Profile Summary (appears when you sign in) shows you how many bratings, reviews and votes you have so far
  3. The new Search Box makes you directly find what you’re looking for
  4. The Dashboard was upgraded and now shows you the best of all popular categories

The Search Results Page

  1. The new Design Structure eliminates all the clutter and helps you find information more efficiently
  2. The Search Filter was moved to the top of the search results enabling you to refine your search in a much simpler way
  3. Search Results have now Color Coding helping you visually identify the category of each business, and now include the primary industry of each Business as a link
  4. Highlighting a Brated Business now opens up its detailed brating tab
  5. The “Bratings” Tab now shows who brated the business

We’ve also added new features allowing you to Edit Businesses’ InformationFlag Reviews and Delete your previous unwanted Bratings and Reviews. You can also Up-vote and Down-vote other Braters’ Reviews.

The [New] Profile Page

  • Your Personal Dashboard gives you some insights on the category and location of businesses you’re brating as well as the number of up-votes and down-votes
  • All your Previous bratings and reviews are now listed in your profile page
Now you can Delete your previous unwanted Bratings and Reviews from here and see how many times your reviews were up-voted and down-voted.

Check out the new version of here.